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Making art is a wonderful experience. Sharing the art you make with others is amazing. When you make something and you see the happiness it brings people, it’s really cool. I believe that art is a great way to show others the beautiful possibilities that are everywhere around us. Remember, if you make art, and you love art, then you make love.

–David, MakeART!

The photo above is an original Make Art sticker spotted in Asheville, NC at a Screamin' Jays concert. Our friend Jiva proudly displays the artwork on her purse! Down below we've put some links to some of the of the current art we've been working on.

A Quick Update

Hi y'all... Dave here. I just wanted to let you know that I've been updating the site. I've been going through the content that our MakeART friends have created over the years, started adding examples of the work here for you to browse through.
The purpose here is to introduce you all to each other, see what everyone has been up to. Look around, have fun, and Make ART!

Michael’s Stuff

Really cool woodworking. And fine art paintings in oils. And watercolors. See more of Michael’s work in the makeARTIST GALLERIES > Michael Bissell section.

Handmade Wood Turned Bowl with Copper Leaves
Michael Bissell 2017

Dave’s Stuff

See some of Dave’s personal art and current projects in the MORE STUFF > Media and Process section.. Also, check out some of Dave’s favorite projects that he’s worked on professionally in the makeARTIST Galleries > David Harnden section.

Origami Gift Boxes
David Harnden 2018

Sarah’s Stuff

Sarah’s been a MakeART collaborator forever, There’s a little collection of her photography in makeARTIST GALLERIES > Sarah Harnden. You can see her Post Modern Hyperspace article in MORE STUFF >  Post Modern Hyperspace, and there is a video/slidehow version on YouTube..

Times Square Photographers
Sarah Harnden 2006

HAH! Random Photo

Everything doesn't have to be all that serious!. I always enjoy looking at the Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten. This one I tweaked in Photoshop to make it extra sparkly.

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitten
Meme – The Internet