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Media and Process

Dave shares some of the fun projects he’s been working on lately

Sometimes you just want to sit down and look at art. Art is all around you. There is something to be said about relaxing and really experiencing art. If you’re lucky, a special kind of inner peace washes through your soul and being. - Dave

Bass Nectar Tee Shirt for Herch

Black tee shirt, bleach, water, plastisol
A simple circlurar tie and scrunch
50/50 bleach and water bath
25/75 bleach and water in spray bottle
10/90 bleach and water in spray bottle

Tye and scrunch the black shirt. Mix a 50/50 bleach bath ina shallow container. Mix 25/75 and 10/90 bleach and water solutions and put them in spray bottles. Dip the garment in the 50/50 solution and let it soak partially. Spritz the 25/75 and 10/90 solutions in the spray bottles on the other parts of the garment. Watch the pigments bleach out. This goes pretty quick, at most five to ten minutes. Rinse out the bleach and dry the garment.

The black shirts I get from the BP gas station near my house bleach out to nice shades of gray. The different strenghts of the bleach and water solution result in smoky, marble like patterns. The graphic was cut with white heat transfer vinyl using a vinyl cutter/plotter and then applied to the garment using a heat press.

Flower Power Skull Babies

Colored pencils, pen and ink on sketch paper
Color laser heat transfer paper
White tee shirt

Doodling around at an art and music festival in Hillsborough NC. I scanned the image and tweaked the color saturation in Adobe Photoshop to get the response i wanted when printed on the heat transfer laser paper.

This was a fun day. It was the first event that my friend Kelsey setup the Merry Franksters food truck. I hung out, listened to music, and made art. I made some tee shirts of this artwork for one of our cohorts Philip, who really liked this art.

Steal Your Frankster

Vinyl Graphic Stickers

This is the Merry Franskters flying weenie mashed up with the Grateful Dead Steal Your Face album artwork. The artwork was created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and then the cut on the vinyl cutter. We hand these out to the happy customers at the events where the Merry Franksters set up their food truck.

Detail of David Bowie Halftoned

Black and White print on archival matte inkjet paper.
Framed and matted

I used the iconic Ziggy Stardust image to create this black and white halftone in Adobe Photoshop. I printed the artwork with an Epson Artisan 1430 on matte paper and then matted and framed the art. I gave it to my friend Sara in Raleigh, who is a really big Bowie fan.

Origami Butterfly Earrings

Paper and acrylic paint.

Paper is painted using acrylic paints, and then folded to make origami butterflies. Then, the models are turned into earrings by adding the findings.

Appalachian Trail Hamsa Hand

Color print on archival matte inkjet paper. 

Pencil, pen and ink illustration on sketch paper. I used music and nature motifs to create this hamsa hand illustration. Then I scanned the artwork and added color in Adobe Photoshop. The poster layout was finished in Adobe Illustrator. I printed the artwork with an Epson Artisan 1430 on matte paper and then matted and framed the art. 

Origami Spread Hexagon Tessellation

Paper and metallic acrylic paint

This is a spread hexagon origami model designed by Eric Gjerde. I setup a 64 division triangular grid in Adobe Illustrator and plotted the grid with the vinyl cutter/plotter with a black pen. I precreased the grid pattern and then airbrushed the metallic acrylics on the paper. Then I folded the final tessellation. The model is at Michael Bissell’s studio (a MakeART collaborator), where he is making a custom frame for the piece right now!