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MakeART Collaborators

Here are the MakeArtist’s we collaborate with...


Sarah shoots photography. And shoots, and shoots, and shoots. She also loves designing interior spaces. She a really creative writer, loves graffiti and art talks. 

(Asheville, NC)


Dave likes making all kinds of art. Making paper for origami, painting and airbrushing, sculpting with concrete, dying and printing on garments. He also loves mashing up different mediums, and combines his traditional art medium skills with digital art medium techniques. If you can put color and art on it, Dave probably knows how to do it.

(Chapel Hill, NC)


Michael loves painting and woodworking. He paints a lot with water colors and acrylics, everything from portraits to still lifes to landscapes. He's also a gifted woodworker and makes really cool furniture, and picture frames that are off-the-scale cool.

(Greensboro, NC)


Daniel paints. Daniel enjoys woodworking. Daniel designs 3D stuff in SketchUp and Fusion 360, and then makes them on CNC machines. He keeps us fresh and up-to-date on new technoligies, and keeps us well informed on history, art, and philosophy. He keeps bees, grows wildflowers, and has amazing gardens every year.

(Pittsboro, NC)


Jon builds things. Houses, public spaces. He is our archictect and contractor. He enjoys watching people interact with the environment, and creates design solutions that make peoples living spaces aesthetically pleasing and functional. He is an expert CAD designer, and helps get our digital 3D media from concept to reality in mediums like wood, metal, and concrete.

(Bynum, NC)


Robin is crazy smart. Degrees in music and mathematics. He's  currently principal oboe with the Pittsburgh Opera, the Pittsburgh Ballet and the Wheeling Symphony. On top of that, he's our guide when we need to setup art for CAD/CAM milling on his Haas Super Mini Mill 2. His patented Opus1 design for making oboe reeds is used by oboists all around the world.

(Advance, NC)

Kelsey and Megan

Kelsey and Megan are the Merry Franksters. They are food artists and make all kinds of awesome treats that keep people fed at music and art festivals. They also make cool screen prints, tie dyes and cards. If you ever see the Merry Franksters food truck, try some of their franskter creations,

(Carrboro, NC)