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Some of the inspiration for our MakeART projects..

Tomoko Fuse Spirals

Tomoko Fuse

Modular Origami

Learn about Tomoko Fuse, a Japanese origami artist, author of numerous books about origami, and the renowned master of modular origami.

Jun Mitani

Jun Mitani

3D Origami Modeling Software

Explore geometric modeling with software and create everything from 3D origami to fashion design using Jun Mitani's ORI-REVO software.

Jo Nakashima

Jo Nakashima

Jo Nakashima Origami Tutorials on YouTube

Jo Nakashima's YouTube channel is an excellent resource. His origami video tutorials are superb, with models for everyone from beginner to expert.


Dharma Trading Company

Fiber Art Supplies and Clothing Blanks

Dharma Trading Company is a great place to get supplies for making all kind colors on textiles. They are really cool and have a great philosophy.

Begin Japanology

Begin Japanology – Aizome

Traditional Japanese Indigo Dye Techniques 

This cool video walks through the traditional Japanese techniques of dyeing with indigo. It's full of information about dyeing and using different resists.

Neospica Paper Sculpture

NeoSpica Paper Sculptures

Watch and Learn with NeoSpica YouTube Tutorials

Appreciate the art of cutting and folding paper. NeoSpica shares models that can be folded, animated, and lit to make luminaries.

ChromaDepth 3D

ChromaDepth 3D Glasses

Colors Jump Into 3D!

The amazing and clear C3D™ Glasses use sophisticated micro-optics to transform color images into true stereo 3D.

Begin Japanology

Nebula Creations Co.

Laser Cut Paper Dimensional Art 

Page at Nebula Creations make really cool jewelry, mobIles and wall art from paper that she cuts with a laser and layers and then constructs.

Neospica Paper Sculpture


Decorative Papers

Margaret Marchant at Maison-Carton is a friend on Instagram from France. We share a love for origami boxes and mobiles. 


Paletton – The Color Scheme Designer

Color Scheme Design Tools

Paletton has all kind of tools to get quick visualizations for color schemes. Stuff like simulating lighting, color blindness, all kinds of cool stuff

Begin Japanology

HiiH Lights

The function of light, the craft of paper, and the art of sculpture 

Bamboo and wire armatures are formed, handmade papers are applied, and lighting components are configured for the lighting sculptures.

Neospica Paper Sculpture

Peter Dahmen – Paper Design

Designer, paper artist, specialist for pop-up-cards and paper-engineering

Peter's specialty is the creation of pop-up-cards and the development of foldable objects made from paper and cardboard. Check it out.


Art Is Love

The Kalisher team is made up of unparalleled artists who drive creative collaboration and art exploration.

Leo Scarff Design

Lightning, furniture and sculpture

A studio involved in lighting, furniture and sculptural structures, they commission for architects, interior designers, commercial business and private clients.

Erin Design

Wearable art and yoga energy art

A new friend from a random meeting at the Art Institue of Chicago gift shop looking at silks, both Erin and I love the medium of color on silk!